Red Wiggler Worms

by LauraElrod
on 07/21/2013

I raise Red Wiggler worms. I have 10 bins that I use solely to raise these worms in. Be careful as the bins can attract mice and rats.  Red Wiggler worms eat their body weight in trash and waste (like kitchen scraps) each day.  The worms never sleep and are always eating.

Red Wiggler worms multiply every 100 days.  For example, 5 pounds become 10 and so forth.

Red Wigglers eat anything that was once living as food.  This includes scraps, leaves, and grass.  They even eat cardboard and I feed my Red Wigglers junk mail.

Red Wigglers love coffee grounds and it is a great way to recycle used tea bags and old banana peels for feeding.

When you setup your bins, the only things you do not want in your bins are onions, oil, meats, and bones. Also, keep pet waste out.  This will attract rats and mice to come around your bin because of the smell.

Worm bins will have no smell if used right.  I add wet shredded newspaper.  It is important to ring out the newspaper like a sponge as the worms will use this wet as a nesting place.  Also, place food in the corner of the bin and cover it with more paper.

The worm castings then can be added to your garden.

Sit back and watch them grow!

Now that’s as organic as it gets!!

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  1. Chase Michaels says:

    That’s pretty cool. Kind of like a natural trash can.

  2. Lukeysounds says:

    Wow! That is really awesome!

  3. Kye Morrison says:

    Learn something new everyday!!

  4. Lukeysounds says:

    ps.. how can we get ahold of you to see how and where you get these? We actually have a garden and this sounds interesting.

  5. Mike Samuels says:

    Never realized how helpful worms were.