How Men Can Avoid Creating “Football Widows”

by Junior Silva
on 07/26/2013


Football season is fast approaching. There are some common mistakes we all make during sports season and our girlfriends, wives, or significant others get negatively impacted.

Below are a few key tips to help you navigate through football season without losing out on quality time with your loved one (or actually losing them)…

  1. Get a DVR and learn how to use it:  DVR’s were created for a number of different reasons, with the primary reason to RECORD things so you do not miss out on important life moments.  There will be times when your woman wants to go out to dinner, talk, or go shopping with you right in the middle of a big game.  Trust me, the game can be recorded.  The missed opportunity, not so much.
  2. Setup cable or satellite on a backup television:  Chances are if you are in a relationship of some sort, living together, or cohabitating part-time during the weekends, you may not come to an agreement on what to watch on Saturday’s or Sunday’s.  The foolproof method for this is to have a second TV primed and ready to go in the event your lovely lady wants to turn on the OWN network, catch up on her favorite Soap Opera, or watch a DVR of the Bachelor right before kickoff.  This strategy will SAVE you in the long run by preventing you from missing Tony Romo throwing a record high 8 INT’s in one game, watching RGIII go Madden, or watching the washed up Texas Longhorn get trampled by the Sooners.
  3. Cook dinner early and often: Nothing pisses off a woman more than watching her man transform from a decently in shape dude to a sloppy guy who eats chicken wings and pizza while drinking 4,000+ calories in beer on any given weekend day.  A word to the wise…a way to a woman’s heart is to her belly.  That means, cook for her and mix up the menu.  Pizza Hut and BW3′s will not cut it from August-February.  She is more likely to give you some TLC if your gut does not look like an old, tired and jiggly pillow.
  4. Invite, Invite, Invite: Let’s face it, there is a growing NCAAF and NFL female fan base.  If your lovely lady is not a football fan now, invite her out to a tailgate or watch a game together at home to make her feel included.  Football is a great sport and chances are, you may make a fan out of her!!!
  5. Compromise:  Football has been around for decades.  The game is not going anywhere.  If you miss the game, you have your DVR or ESPN and NFL network highlights to fall back on.  If you choose Football over your woman, prepare yourself for losing your loved one due to lack of attention.

Let’s work together to eliminate our women referring to themselves as “Football Widows” and get them to starting referring to themselves as “Football Fans” or “Football Wife Supporting Fans”!

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