Richie Incognito is the O’Doyle of the NFL

by Nate Bennett
on 11/09/2013

Do you remember Billy Madison and the O’Doyle family that tormented Billy as he made his way back through school and every single incident the O’Doyle raise their arms up and yell “O’Doyle Rules!” Well, I am starting to think that Incognito is the long lost O’Doyle. As more and more information comes out regarding the Jonathan Martin bullying situation, it sounds like Incognito never fully matured after junior high. I would not be surprised if after every stunt that he pulled on Martin, he raised his hands in jubilation and yelled “Incognito Rules!” Leaving hatorade on the voicemail. Come on man…that sounds like a junior high girl. Getting up from the table and going to another one when Martin sits down…I am pretty sure I saw that stunt done when we were freshmen in high school.

An indefinite suspension should not come as a surprise to Incognito or fans. You have to think about what he is and that is a “professional” football player. Obviously he forgot that he is actually supposed to be a professional. Let’s think about what happens to other professionals out there if they threaten to defecate down another coworkers throat. Yeah, they get fired. What happens to a professional in a fortune 500 company if they throw out racist rants to another coworker, yes they get fired also. The moral of the story is that Incognito’s suspension is what he needs both professionally and personally as he definitely has worlds to grow in both. There is no place for the Billy Madison O’Doyle’s in the professional environment.

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One Comment

  1. Mike Simmons says:

    He obviosly has some self-esteem issues…