by Lukeysounds
on 08/17/2013

This argument has been going on ever since Lebron got into the league and the comparisons keep growing more and more after every season. I really just wanted to bring my opinion to the table, and get a discussion on what some of you all think. I will only judge the first 10 years of the players career. We will never predict the future of what Lebron will do so there is no need to go over the stats.

Jordan: 31
Lebron: 28

Total Points:
Jordan: 21,998
James: 21,081

Jordan: 3
James: 4

Jordan: 3
Lebron: 2
But, Lebron has been to 4 NBA Finals. Yes, he did lose 2 of them, but still a huge success making it to the finals. Ask the other hundreds of players that would die for a chance to get to the NBA FINALS once.
And just another note, the Cavaliers, the last year Lebron played the team went 61-21 and the year after without Lebron the team with 19-63.

Finals MVP:
Jordan: 3
Lebron: 2

All Star Games:
Jordan: 9
Lebron: 9

All Star Game MVP:
Jordan: 1
Lebron: 2

Rookie of the Year:
Jordan: 1
Lebron: 1

FG %:
Jordan: 514
Lebron: 490

FT %:
Jordan: 845
Lebron: 747

3 Point %:
Jordan: 307
Lebron: 337

Total Rebounds:
Jordan: 4336
Lebron: 5553

Total Assists:
Jordan: 4,025
Lebron: 5,302

Total Steals:
Jordan: 1,845
Lebron: 1,323

Total Blocks:
Jordan: 697
Lebron: 649

So who do I think has been the better player so far during their career?
Lebron James

The stats are very similar, but in my personal opinion what takes it over the top for me is the record the Cavs had after Lebron left. That one person could make or break a team that much. The year after Jordan left the Bulls, the Bulls still had a great season showing that Jordan had a better supporting cast around him helping him win more championships.

What is your opinion? I know I will get a lot of hate for choosing Lebron, but I really do think he has been better, and will eventually be better in everyones minds. The man is a beast, and there has never been a player like him. I hate to see so many people in my generation, I am 27 years old, that love to hate on Lebron. I got to watch Jordan play a little bit when I was younger, but not as much as Lebron now. I would love to be 40-50 years old and be able to say I grew up watching the greatest NBA player to ever live. I wish more people would be that way, but Jordan still owns the best player ever to almost everyone, but give Lebron 4-5 more years, and I think it could be a different story.

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