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Ghost Stories for Halloween

by Iman team
on 10/26/2013

Here’s some good ghost stories from some of our IMAN members for you all to enjoy for Halloween.

I had always heard rumors that my high school was haunted, but I never did believe it. One night, me and my buddy were at my high school working as ushers while our school play was going on. One of the school staff members has asked us to lock some doors at the end of the hallway which was at the opposite end of the school of the auditorium. We decided that it would be fun to go walking through the school while nobody was there. So we walk through the doors that we were supposed to lock and make our way to the second floor. Both of the doors that led to the hallways were locked and we didn’t have a key so we made our way up to the third floor and got the same results. The stairway just simply wrapped around and there was no place that anyone could hide without us seeing them. We make our way back to the first floor and I walk through the doors and that’s when my friend grabbed me and I asked if I could hear that sound. I stick my head through the doors and I could hear footsteps running up and down the steps. I immediately felt my goosebumps start to grow as there was no place at all for anyone to hide.

-Jimmy Matthews

One day on Christmas Eve my sister asked if me and my brother could get a couch for her at my aunt’s house. The couch was on the first floor and the hallway that led to the backdoor on the first floor was too narrow so we had to take it up the stairs and out the front door on the second floor. We took the pictures off of the wall so that we didn’t break any of them while we made our way up with the couch. We take the couch out the front door, load it up on the truck and began tying it down. My brother continues tying down the couch as I go back into the house to put the pictures back up on the wall in the stairway. As I am there putting the pictures on the wall, I hear the front door open and close, hear footsteps, then I hear a voice that sounds EXACTLY like my brother’s that asked me, “What are you doing?” I replied, “Hey dude, I am just putting the pictures back up on the wall.” As soon as I say that, I hear the backdoor open and close and there is my brother standing there at the foot of the stairs. I am in shock as he asks if I am ready to go. I said, “Dude, I just heard you talking to me up there.” I peak around the corner and see there is no one there by the front door. He said, “That wasn’t me, let’s get the hell out of here.”
Later that day my aunt calls me to see if we had a chance to get the couch yet. I told her we did, then ask her if she has weird stuff happen at her house. She went on to tell me that supernatural stuff happens all of the time, lights turn off and on, dog starts barking at nothing, and she said you can see stuff move in the corner of your eyes. That’s all I needed to know to confirm what I thought I heard.

-Paul Bachman

It was a school night when me and my little sis were watching TV downstairs when it began to snow. I was stoked as I was thinking that we would get a snow day. I decide to turn on the outside light to see if there was enough snow for us to get that coveted day off. When I do that, I notice some footprints in the snow that led up to door. Well, that’s a little messed up as we were the only two home at the time and neither one of us had been outside. I grab my flashlight and we decide to follow the tracks thinking that it was my neighbor maybe screwing with us. So the tracks go through my backyard and then into the woods. We kept following them, then they suddenly had just stopped. It was as if someone had just fallen from the sky, then started to walk towards my house. I thought that it seemed pretty weird, but had forgotten about this story until my brother in-laws bachelor party. I was talking to my dad when he starting talking about how our next door neighbor swore that there were people buried around our property. Our neighbor had told my dad how a lot of times when it snowed he said that there were always these tracks that would just start and stop abruptly in his backyard. Chalk that one up as one of the weirder things that I have encountered….

-Kevin Hardin

There is an old sanitorium near my house that used to be an old tuberculosis hospital. I know that it is supposed to be extremely haunted as thousands of people died there. My friend that I went with was very skeptical on this and said that you would only have to pay him $100 to stay there alone just because it was “cold”. We paid 50 bucks and they let us walk around the place for a few hours. Every hour and a half or so they had us and other groups switch floors. It was a weeknight and we had been there for a few hours without experiencing anything. We decided to call it a night. On our way out, this group of girls that were on the same group rotation as us started freaking out saying they just saw a shadow person. We both just thought they were just being hysterical and there was nothing there when I decide to shine my flashlight down to the end of the hall and wouldn’t you know there was a shadow of a person standing in the doorway about 25 feet away staring right at us. It took off and ran out of view hiding behind the wall. It then proceeded to poke it head out into the doorway and draw back out of view a couple of times. Then it darted across the doorway soundless. It did the same thing again then walked across the doorway. It did it a third time and you could only see the lower half of its body…freaky stuff. Just to make sure that it wasn’t someone else that we were mistaken as a shadow I ask if there is anyone else on the floor with us. As soon as I say that we hear what sounded like someone took a lead pipe and slammed it against a piece of metal. Everyone was screaming after that one. We walked out and my friend said to me, “Mate the rate to stay the night there by myself went way the hell up.”

-Jameel Younger

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