Wolf of Wall Street Was Great (But Do Not Watch With Your Parents)

by Brian Miller
on 01/01/2014

I walked into the theater over the weekend to watch the Wolf of Wall Street with my parents and I really didn’t think much of it. I thought that there might be a couple of sex scenes, maybe a little bit of drugs, but also expected it to be a great film. Well, I was right on only one of those things, the movie was great. However, I was not ready to sit next to my mom while I watched a massive amount of prostitute banging, coke doing, and a whole plethora of oral sex to be given. To say the least is was extremely uncomfortable.

To the movie now. It follows Jordan Belfort and his rise to power from selling penny stocks to becoming a multi-millionaire and all of the antics that went along with him and his company. The wild lifestyle of his crew was highly entertaining and will keep everyone engaged. I will say that this was definitely worth the money, but do not watch with your parents!

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