Thor is Solid

by Paul Scroggins
on 11/09/2013

After watching Thor last night I came away with the feeling that I didn’t waste my money. Was I completely overwhelmed, not really. However, I still felt like it was something alright to do for a Friday night. I would have to say, for the average moviegoer, it might be a harder movie to follow if you are not well versed with the Avenger series or previous Thor movie. There are multiple references so you might want to brush up on Avengers or Thor before you step into the movie theater. In this movie, Thor is taking on the ancient dark elves who want to bring darkness onto the entire universe. The battle rages on between different worlds as portals are opened up between the worlds as they are coming into alignment (an event that happens every 5,000 years). It was a solid movie, but I do recommend to brush up on your Thor history before going to see it,

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