breaking bad

Breaking Bad a Netflix Must

by Lucas Dearborn
on 09/12/2013

I had some people tell me that I needed to check out Breaking Bad. I saw bits and pieces of it when it was on TV, bit never had any idea of what in the Sam hell was going on because the plot was so thick.  I saw it available on Netflix one day and decided to check it out.  I can tell you this, if you watch the show from the beginning, you can grasp how awesome the show is and just how much character development there is from season to season.  If you were like me and just saw a random episode and decided you didn’t like the show, then go back and at least watch the first 3 episodes.  If you don’t like it after 3 episodes, then it probably isn’t for you, but if you are like me, you’Lo watch an entire season in 1 day (for the record, I am not very proud of that)!!

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