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College Girls Dress Up as Twin Towers for Costume Contest

by Marty Dean
on 11/09/2013

So there is a costume contest coming up and it is time to close your eyes and try to think of the absolute worst costume that you can come up with. Let’s just try to think about probably the most insensitive, offensive, and stupid costume you can come up with. Well, Amber Langford and Annie Collinge took the cake on this one with their 9/11 costumes complete with flaming twin towers and toy humans jumping from the building. You have to only imagine that these costumes were either drug induced, or their brains do not function properly. They obviously forgot that thousands died in this mass murder. They obviously didn’t think about that their toy human jumping from the building used to be someone’s mom, dad, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, or friend.

You can argue that this was also too soon. In my opinion, it will ALWAYS be too soon. Any time that there is a tragedy or loss of life, there is never a time or a place to make light of the situation. These two college morons obviously don’t get that concept. I would like to blame it on dumb college kids doing dumb college things, but this really is just inexcusable. What was probably the most over the top WTF moment of it all, is that they actually won the contest. Who in the hell were the judges?!?! If you read this, please do me a favor and next Halloween costume contest you are in dress up as the Wizard of Oz, Flintstones,Scooby Doo etc., but please do not dress up as a caricature of a mass murder. There will never be appropriate attire.

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