Who is Watching Your Children?

by Becky Watts
on 10/16/2013

I am still bothered by the news of the death of NFL player Adrian Peterson’s son last week.   I am by far not a NFL fan and I really did not know of Adrian Peterson before.  The death of his child at the hands of a boyfriend of the mother definitely has a deeper message than I think most people are choosing to see.  I am a mother of four young children and my thoughts are coming from the heart.

The reality is that most families in America rely on some sort of daycare during workdays, weekends or date nights.  With more than 50% of all marriages ending in divorce, the likelihood of an uncle, aunt, random babysitter, or new boyfriend or girlfriend of your ex-partner watching your child is very likely.

I am married and work full-time along with my husband.  We struggle at times finding the right babysitter(s) to watch over our young children.  The incident with Adrian Peterson’s son scared me.  I also think this happens way too much in our society and this case reached the national spotlight because it involved a NFL player.  I began to think how and why such horrific events occur and why all of them are not widely publicized.

Incidents such as these also make me wonder if jealousy or hatred plays a part in violence with toddlers and children.  I think that people who “inherit” children by dating someone with kids from a previous relationship will always have deep rooted thoughts about how the child or children are not theirs.  I understand there may be cases where this is not the case but people need to be aware.

Hatred may cause people to mistreat kids, ignore, neglect, or beat children.  It is just not right.  How could an adult ever think about beating a 2 year old child?

If you are in a situation where you have a child and are now dating someone other than the biological mother or father, please sit back and ask yourself the following questions about your new significant other:

If you answered “No” to any of these questions, it is probably a good idea to revaluate leaving your children unattended with them.

Life and children are precious.

Please let me know your comments and feel free to share in an effort to help prevent violence against children.

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