Chain Reactions in Real Life

by Jerome Richardson
on 08/18/2013

Yesterday I was driving down the highway going 77 in a 70mph zone in the fast lane, and I had a car come from nowhere and passed me in the slow lane. The driver passed me and then proceeded to yell at me and hold up his middle finger. He then cut me off merging over in my lane probably 6-12 inches away from my car. After cutting me off, he continued to hold up his middle finger for 2 minutes.

My first reaction to this encounter was that this guy probably needs anger management, or just maybe a hug. I then began to think about how this impacted my day and something like this can set off a chain of events in a bad way. What if I was someone who was on their way back from work and this put me in a bad mood so I took it out on my kid, who then took his frustrations out by bullying someone at school? What if I was someone who was growing sick of my life and was driving to a bridge to contemplate suicide and this was the interaction to push me over the edge? I really believe that a lot of us fail to think about these things when we interact with each other. We are guilty of living in just this moment and lacking the foresight to see how our actions will ultimately affect someone who is not even physically present at this negative interaction.

On the opposite side of things is that we can also start a good chain of events. I know that if someone does something nice for me, I am more apt to leave a better tip, more eager to hold a door open for a stranger, am more wanting to help someone in need. The littlest things such as smiling at someone can completely change that person’s day and may cause them do pay it forward and do a good deed for someone else.

We all have the power to start this chain of events both positive and negative and the impact in the long run is a lot bigger than we initially think. So the next time that you want to start yelling, gossiping, or just being downright mean, think hard about how you are not only going to affect this person, but the others that this interaction will impact. If you want to do good in this world, just go ahead and do it because many people will reap the benefits of your actions and know that you have the ability to make this world a better place one chain reaction at a time.

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One Comment

  1. BadMediCynInc22 says:

    I agree, as Ghandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Too many times people think so pessimistically! I don’t think people realize how easily influenced others are by their actions. :D