Overeating root cause to Obesity?

by Lukeysounds
on 08/15/2013

I am not a doctor nor a nutritionist, But I wanted to give some advice on how I have recently lost 12 lbs in 10 weeks. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot, but the way I did it I was very proud. I have weighed 170 at age 18 and I am now at my current weight 224 at age 27. My initial weight when I began to lose was 236. I am 6’3 and my weight has fluccuated a lot over the past few years. At my most fit I would drink tons of water and no fast food. But with a busier schedule and with money being tighter it is harder to think of the more healthy options that are out there.

I had recently completed a 10 week challenge at my work and lost 12 lbs. I did minimal exercise (walking around work) and lost the weight. The one and most important thing I did was NOT OVEREAT. I found that you can literally eat anything if you can just portion it. There is nothing in the world that is truly that bad if you can control how much you eat of it. Fast food restaraunts get a bad rap and this is because people overeat when they go to these places. They see the dollar menu and pick up 2 double cheeseburgers, some fries and a coke. Yes, that will add up. When I would take my lunches I would go to a Mcdonalds and pick up 1 grilled snack wrap and a water. That would fill me up enough to hold me for a few more hours until I got off work, and I could make my self a sandwich or something when I got home. Another thing I had to stop doin was, STOP EATING WHEN YOU ARE WATCHING TELEVISION OR PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! I catch myself so many times watching a movie or playing a video game and just wanting something to snack on. Why? I have no idea, I wasn’t hungry, I didn’t need it, it wasn’t satisfying me, it was just something to keep me occupied. If I can lend someone one tip from this article it would be to think about how hungry you actually are before you snack on something. A lot of times we do it just because. We really do not have an explanation for it. Just ask yourself, am I really hungry or am I just eating it because it taste good or I am bored. Once I stopped that, the pounds started to drop each week.

Another tip I have is when you go out to eat, before you even order your food, drink two glasses of water. A lot of time a sign of hunger is actually thirst. So when you are feeling very hungry get a drink of water first and see how that makes you feel. It might allow you to eat a little less then you would have without the calories.

If you want to drop pounds fast, just stop the over eating. I know it is hard because I do it on occasion still. If something taste good I will continue to eat and after I am done and I ask myself why did I just eat 3 plates of that? Did I really need it? No.

Get to know your hunger. When you go to a fast food try and order just one thing less and see if it fills you up. I use to get 2 chicken snack wraps and would finish the first one and be fufilled, but I would go ahead and eat the second one anyway because I had it. Figure what fills you up, but not to the max. I lost 12 lbs without any tough exercising and this is why I believe that if you really want to lose weight it is all in the portion control and not overeating.

I hope this can at least help one person because I know it is tough to drop the pounds.

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