About Us


iMANgination is an online resource that allows users to write articles, share advice, and suggest topics and have them published so they can express their minds with people and share their voice with the world.

Whether you are a MAN or woMAN, everybody has an iMANgination.

All it takes is one click on button0528 at the top right hand corner of the website.

Once clicked, you can do one of the following items:

It is important to note, there are no character limitations on what you submit.

Here is how the iMANgination process works:


You are able to submit content even if you are not a registered user.  Once our team receives your content, we will review and post accordingly.  Please be patient and check back often as the timeframe to post content may vary.

Also, once you become a registered user of iMANgination, you are able to submit content to the site directly.

Please visit our site at www.iMANgination.com regularly and share your voice with the world.

We are looking forward to hearing your voice!!